Here’s to a New Year

Here's to a New Year--a year of slowing my mind and my striving. I will practice focusing my mind on what is right in front of me in this here and now. Here's to allowing myself grace to fail and time to rest. Constantly striving has left me worn down. I will let go of … Continue reading Here’s to a New Year

The Wonder of it All

I’m in wonder of it all. When I feel far away, distracted, and depleted, God squeezes me a little tighter. When I don’t feel worthy or loved, He whispers to me. When I doubt, fear and become anxious, He takes my worries and reminds me He has got it under control. I’m in wonder of … Continue reading The Wonder of it All

In Every Season

Outside my window there are thousands of beautiful yellow and red leaves falling to the ground. They are swirling down quickly as the sun glimmers through the trees and it is a beautiful sight. I love seasons. The way things change so that the earth can rest and grow and be harvested over and over … Continue reading In Every Season

Miscarriages and a Messy Faith

The day had finally arrived. That weekend we had told everybody we were expecting and we couldn't be more excited. We made it to 12 weeks and we were going to hear the baby’s heartbeat. The nurse prepped me and we anxiously waited to hear the wooshing sound of our baby’s heartbeat. This was our … Continue reading Miscarriages and a Messy Faith

Let Us Be Encouragers

You don’t have to look far to see or hear the stories of the damage being done by hurricanes and fires--things that are out of our control. At the same time, we as humans also make poor decisions that cause racial divides, destroy marriages and friendships, or put a strain on our family ties. Life … Continue reading Let Us Be Encouragers