The Wonder of it All

I’m in wonder of it all.

When I feel far away, distracted, and depleted, God squeezes me a little tighter. When I don’t feel worthy or loved, He whispers to me. When I doubt, fear and become anxious, He takes my worries and reminds me He has got it under control.

I’m in wonder of a God that loves me like he does.

He sent his one and only son to be born a baby. This baby would live a human life, not of riches, but of servanthood and sacrifice. His ultimate act of love and sacrifice on the cross allows us to draw near to God through our faith in him.

I’m in wonder of such an unconventional and perfect plan.

We can come as we are, wherever we are. We no longer need to enter a temple to meet with God. We are His temple. The veil has been torn and Jesus is our high priest. Our faith in Him allows us into God’s presence just as we are. God is ever-present and dwells in us through his Holy Spirit.

I’m in complete wonder of it all.


When I feel too weak, He builds me up. When the world seems too dark to navigate, He provides a light. I’m overcome with emotion when I reflect on God’s relentless love for his people. I’m humbled by God’s relentless love for me. His plan of rescue for his people, his plan to bring Light into darkness, was the most perfect gift ever given to man.

I’m in wonder of it all.

I am in a state of being completely filled with awe as I am wholly loved and perfectly accepted by the God of this universe.

I am in wonder of it all.

May this state of wonder produce an overflow of worship and praise to my Heavenly King this Christmas season and all my days to come.


3 thoughts on “The Wonder of it All

  1. What a beautiful tribute to our Lord. Wonder should fill our heart every moment of every day. I love to Phillips, Craig and Dean song “I stand in awe” That says it all.

    Be blessed


    1. Thanks, Pete. I forgot about that song! So good. I’m going to have to go worship to it. All too often I let life get in the way and forget to rest in a place of wonder and awe of our Almighty Father at work.


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